in high-end frames

Kaadr is a concept of craftsmanship,
framed light and new views.

KAADR produces photographs in high-end frames, fully customizable and with a unique lighting profile. We work with a selection of artists and furnish their pieces with a frame of your choosing from the finest materials. The cherry on the cake is a refined backlight, injecting the photograph with optimally dispersed light, bringing it to life in all its glory.

We see our frames as a new medium, taking an artist’s piece de résistance to higher grounds. With various collaborations up and running, we already convinced our most demanding critic: the photographer himself.

Whether experimenting debutant or keen eyed authority - to curious spectator and for galleries, events or companies with a fresh perspective, a KAADR frame addresses anyone and inspires anywhere.

For your information:
the word KAADR is derived from the Dutch word for frame (i.e. kader) but with a twist of poetic license.

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Frames & craftsmanship

A KAADR frame doesn't emerge from mass production methods. It's the result of a crafty process at the hands of our experts, balancing all elements on the rhythm of each photograph and fusing it to your taste.

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in a Kaadr

Collaborations up and running, soon coming more.

For proposals, collaboration or questions reach out,
we'll frame for you the whole new view.

Prices on demand.

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